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Audio Programmer

We're seeking an audio programmer to join the team developing our in-house audio tools. If you'd held this role in the past year, you'd have helped create a dynamic realtime mashup system for DropMix, a sub-frame low-latency audio engine for Super Beat Sports, and DSP filters and modeling for audio effects in Rock Band Rivals, among other projects!


  • Implement robust, user-friendly, musician-facing tools and pipelines.
  • Maintain and expand our world-class suite of game audio systems, including:

    • game integration: sub-frame triggering/event handling, parameter/state updates, occlusion calculation, ambient simulation, etc.
    • synthesis: wavetable synthesis, sample rate conversion, pitch shifting, envelope generation, oscillators, DSP, etc.
    • streaming: multi-threaded, multi-track, compressed audio pipeline
    • analysis: tempo, section, and energy analysis of audio waveforms

Desired (Not Required!) Qualifications:

  • A college degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field
  • 5 years of experience with C++
  • Regularly-exercised applied math skills (e.g., discrete math, simulation, or signal processing)
  • Familiarity with commodity audio systems and their integration into gameplay mechanics
  • Experience working creatively and cooperatively with cross-discipline creative teams

Harmonix is an equal opportunity employer. EOE/M/F/AAP