A Special Gift for Rock Band 10: 10 Free Songs!

Hi everyone, If you are paying attention, you might be expecting a blog post from me right around now. I don’t post often, but when I do, it’s generally to celebrate BIG announcements. I think 10 years of Rock Band certainly qualifies. Read more

DLC Week of 11/16: Back to the '90s Pack 01!

The '90s was an explosion of music! Back to the '90s Pack 01 includes memorable songs from Ace of Base, Radiohead, and Weezer! Read more

Rock Band 4 November Update Now Live!

Hey everyone! We’ve got an update releasing for Rock Band 4 today, which streamlines the Rivals experience, adds a few cool new things, and also adds support for some exciting future additions. Read more

DLC Week of 11/09: Joan Jett and Violent Femmes!

Embrace everything '80s this week with two great rock songs from Joan Jett and Violent Femmes! Read more

Super Beat Sports Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

The Muzicalian galaxy, light-years away from our beloved Earth, suddenly showed up on our radar. Unknown to us, its quirky inhabitants intercepted our television broadcast decades ago, and they’ve been developing their very own sports arena ever since. Obsessed with foam fingers, hot dogs, and nonse... Read more

DLC Week of 11/02: Solid '70s Pack 02!

There’s more to the ‘70s than just disco music. We’re bringing revolutionary songs this week that are rock, punk, and funk! Read more

DLC Week of 10/26: Chuck Berry and Jackson 5!

Play with rock and pop legends Chuck Berry and Jackson 5 this week! Read more

Rock Band Diaries: Chronicling Your Stories One Page at a Time

Take a look at a calendar. What's today, Tuesday? Okay, start counting backwards, a day at a time. Count back three thousand, six hundred, and twelve days. You should be looking at November 20th, 2007. That's when Rock Band came out. Time sure does fly when you're having fun. Read more

DLC Week of 10/12: Alice in Chains Pack 03!

Get heavy this week with Seattle rockers Alice In Chains! Read more

DLC Week of 10/05: Asia and Survivor!

Start October off right with these two '80s hits from Asia and Survivor! Read more