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Season 13: Spooooooky!

Hey gang,

With Rivals Season 13 is right around the corner, we thought we’d share our thoughts on the theme and Season rewards. Season 13 will run from mid-September through mid-November, a time of year ripe with pumpkins and witchcraft. We’re excited about our DLC lineup, including our traditional Halloween theme week which falls during week 7. We wanted the theme to tie into the time of year and so are combining the “back to school” nature of the season with the perceived brutalness of All-Hallows eve. We think it’ll be fun.

Over the course of the season, each Weekly Challenge will focus on a specific instrument. We’ll select challenging songs that feature that specific instrument. The Spotlight Songs will also highlight the theme, offering additional challenge for players. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to step up or just need a push, Season 13 gives you a reason to stretch yourself (and some juicy incentive to do so!).

To support the instrument theme, we’ll apply XP bonuses each week of the Season. These XP bumps will apply to select difficulties over the course of the season. Every instrument will be featured twice through Season 13 giving you all something to reach for regardless of your skill level going into the new Season.
In keeping with the theme, we’ve got a bunch of instruments that we’ve created as rewards for this season. There are unique instruments for each tier – get to Bloodstone to get them all.  

Here are the bronze instruments – trust me when we tell you that the rest of them are even better:

For those of you who feel like your Crew could use some roster changes to accomplish your Season 13 goals, head over to our LFG section in our official Discord to put together your all-star roster before the Season starts. And for your Spotlight ringers, the upcoming Season 13 Spotlight Pass gets you the new Spotlight songs at a discount, including two songs in the first week!

One last note: we have a maintenance update in the works for release in October. We’ll have more to say about the specifics in the coming weeks but wanted to shout out to a select group of community members who helped us test the update. You know who you are! Thanks!!

Enjoy Season 13 and let us know what you think on our Facebook, Twitter, and Discord channels!

‘Til next time,
The Rock Band team