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Season 15 Starts January 9th!

Hey gang,

Season 15 of Rock Band Rivals is set to kick off on January 9th – here’s some high level detail for you so that you can prepare. Season 15 will be a full 8 week Season, chock full of new DLC, choice Spotlight selections, and the fun Rivals competition you’ve all become familiar with. This is an excellent time to take a look at your Rock Band Crew and make those hard calls about who’s in or out after their 2019 performances. Also, if you aren’t in a Rock Band Crew, you should change that. Don’t miss out!  
In keeping with New Year traditions, we’ve chosen a Seasonal theme of “New Year’s Resolutions”. Over the course of the Season, we’ll be building playlists based on 8 of the most common resolutions. This season is designed to get you moving on your path to betterment. We believe in you. 

Week 1 is shaping up. Literally! People always want to get fit and we’ve got a list of high-energy songs coming to help work your fretting fingers and your metal kicks. We promise you will feel pumped and motivated by the end of the week.

Each new Season of Rivals makes for new rewards. Each tier will reward you with a unique TV head asset for your character! From busted TVs to old CRTs(fighting games not included) to a Bloodstone TV wearing a TV crown, there’s a lot of variety across the set. It’s a great start to your 2020 Rivals wardrobe additions.

We can’t wait to get back into it, and look forward to seeing you in Rivals!

- The Rock Band team