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The Rock Band Community Holiday Bonus Challenge!

Hey everyone!

We hope you’re enjoying your holidays so far. We’re out of the office, and there’s no DLC release this week, but we made sure to leave you all a little something to do this weekend. A couple months back on our stream( if you were wondering), we asked YOU to give us suggestions for a seasonally appropriate playlist for a Bonus Rivals Challenge rooted in the holidays and new year celebrations. For those not in the know, a Bonus Challenge is a one-off week of Rivals. If you make it into the Promotion Zone at the end of the Challenge, you unlock a prior Season’s reward you may have missed! It’s a great way to fill up your Rock Shop even if you haven’t always been playing RB4. When we tallied up the community selections, we got a great party setlist that’s full of wordplay and high energy tracks, ranging from Portugal. The Man’s “Live in the Moment” to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” to The Pretenders’ cover of “Blue Christmas”.

To thank you for your help and hard work, we’re bringing back one of our favorite rewards from the vault. Up for grabs is a shirt depicting a T-Rex following the North Star, you may remember it as the Season 0 Platinum reward. Earn it with hard work, wear it with pride.

And that wraps this one up. We’ll see you all in the new year with new DLC, new Seasons, and more! Until then, enjoy your breaks, vacations, overtimes, or however you may see a year out.

- The Rock Band Team