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Category: Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Eric Pope

You guys know Eric Pope. He's on the livestream, the podcast, at events, judging Rock Band Nights at Improv Boston, and ALL OVER Twitter. But do you really know Eric Pope? Read on to learn more about the man behind the chops. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Dave Plante

Meet Rock Band 4 team member Dave Plante! Read more

Employee Spotlight: Jamie McKiernan

Concept Artist Jamie McKiernan is a woman who wears many hats at Harmonix – figuratively and literally. This Harmonix concept artist has worked on everything from hand-traced *Dance Central* flashcards to full realm layouts in *Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved*. Jamie has wanted to be a concept artist... Read more

Employee Spotlight: Dawn Rivers

Dawn Rivers is a person of many talents and we’re lucky to have her here at Harmonix. She has a passion for lighting, changing the landscape of the games industry, and – believe it or not – meteorology. In fact, Dawn can explain best practices for lighting in games and read a Doppler radar without b... Read more

Employee Spotlight: Abby and Matt

If you’ve been to our website in the past, you may have noticed has gotten a bit of a makeover. Welcome to your shiny new destination for all things Harmonix! There were several Harmonixers involved in the relaunch of our website, two of which we’re highlighting in our first Ha... Read more